by Angela Lovell

Apr 13, 2011

Our cows are greener than your cows

Canadian cattle are greener than their counterparts in warmer climates, according to a new study that has found cattle emit less methane in the winter than in the summer.
The study was conducted at the University of Manitoba by former master's student, Jenilee Bernier, who grew up on a cattle farm in the north interlake region of Manitoba, and who is now a forage and beef specialist with the provincial government.

The groundbreaking study showed that cattle emit 27 per cent less methane in the winter months, partly due to physiological changes that have evolved to acclimatize cattle to extended periods of time outside during cold, prairie winters.

It also discovered that cows pee less in winter - producing on average 1.3 litres less urine per day than during the fall.

All of which goes some way to vindicating the much vilified cow, which, considering the amount of nutrition it gives us, has taken more than its fair share of heat for everything from greenhouse gas emissions to groundwater contamination.

Whilst our bovine friends (on the Canadian Prairies at least) are basking in their new-found glory, it might be a good time to remind ourselves that the environmental degradation and health scares often associated with the products they give us are more often a result of the people who raise and process them than the poor animals themselves.

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  1. O ! Canada ! Folks in Canada make Gobar Gas from cow Shiite too! Great heating fuel! Runs cars too! We live on the Fringe of the Glorious Americans, but we manage to be cleaner, better educated, more environmentally conscientious, and sane about Socialist health care too! Quebec, environmental geniuses have developed huge perpetual, renewable, eternal hydro sources, over and above the U.S. penchant for dangerous uranium fed reactors. CANDU reactors in China now Thorium fueled!(originated in Canada!) Come on Harper! Stop playing hardball with the Americans! Show them "Hockey Night in Canada!"
    Trade with Asians must explode in this decade, to compensate for the lack-luster performance from South of our borders! Time is now, before the U.S. dollar is devalued with "Q 3, 4, 5, 6, Easings" We Canadians must learn to trade in Yuan, even adopt it as our "Black Market" currency - even horde it! Learning Mandarin in our high schools means a small effort to learn one more language in a multi-lingual culture!Many of our more successful business students will so follow this path! Our cattle not fed expensive U.S. corn soon enough and we already have legalized Hemp! Watch as cotton, wood pulp for paper, some building materials, and hemp seed and its preparations to feed Canadians become a new reality, as the U.S. burns its corn as ethanol in its obsession with cars.


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